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All students are welcome in the Careers Centre!

Our Careers practitioner, Ms Kate Rolls works with students to help them decide what their potential pathway could be when they eventually leave secondary school. Each student is given assistance to understand their interests, aptitude and skills; and the many varied options of careers that they are suited to. From here, students work with Ms Rolls and develop a plan on how they can get on the right pathway.


Where is the Careers Centre?

It is situated in the Year 12 Study Centre (adjacent to Room 1:05). The Careers Centre is open to all students before school, during recess, lunchtime and after school on most days.

You can get advice on the following areas (just to name a few):

  • Careers/Pathways Advice
  • HEADSTART Apprenticeships & Traineeships
  • Work Experience
  • VET (Vocational Education & Training)
  • Advice on subject selection
  • Resume building and interview skills
  • Applying for jobs


Pathways/Careers interviews

All students will have regular interviews with Ms Rolls to discuss and develop their pathways/careers plans. Students (and parents) may also make an appointment with Ms Rolls at any time.


What is available at the Careers Centre?

  • Careers advice- talk with the careers counsellor about careers that might interest you and how to get there
  • Lots of brochures about universities, TAFEs, apprenticeships, careers, etc
  • Help with resumes & cover letters, interview techniques, job searching and mock interviews
  • Help looking for work experience and structured workplace learning and school-based apprenticeships & traineeships
  • Information about applying for jobs, gaining apprenticeships and traineeships
  • Links with local employers and jobs available
  • Speakers about different careers
  • Speakers about universities & TAFEs
  • Advice about choosing subjects and courses in VCE & VCAL
  • Advice about choosing subjects and courses at university & TAFE
  • Careers excursions – visits to learn about careers, visits to universities & TAFEs
  • Information about scholarships, cadetships, awards

We have a new website just for Careers!

For all the latest information on all things Careers, please visit

There’s lots of information about VCE, VCAL, VET as well as work experience and structured work placement (for VCAL).  Students can set up their own account, where they can progress through activities which will help them identify their interests and potential careers pathways.  Ms Kate Rolls will be assisting students in accessing their account and completing their Career Action Plan via this website.

What is HEADSTART all about?

  • We are lucky enough to have Mrs Jody Yandle working with us in the Careers Centre.  She is the Industry Co-ordinator for HEADSTART Apprenticeships & Traineeships.
  • HEADSTART is a unique program which offers accelerated students the opportunity to start their apprenticeship or traineeship while they are at school.  Not for the faint hearted, there are strict guidelines to be accepted into this program,and interested students would need a high level of maturity and commitment.
  • Through a flexible learning program, the support of their school and HEADSTART Industry Coordinator, students can attend their workplace a minimum of one day per week in Year 10, two days per week in Year 11 and an average of three days per week during Year 12. While HEADSTART works really well for VCAL students, it can also work for VCE students. (Officer only permits VCAL students at this stage unless it changes now that they have incorporated their first Year 12 cohort)
  • Jody is highly qualified in supporting and mentoring students to ensure they are successful, both in their apprenticeship/traineeship, as well as their school work.  The great advantage in this program is that successful students will gain a Year 12 certificate as well as a solid start on their apprenticeship (perhaps even finish a traineeship) and gain a significant amount of experience in the workplace.
  • For more information on the HEADSTART program, please contact Jody on 0467 209 251 or via email:

Careers Links and Resources

ACU website

DEAKIN Course information session

Doctor of Medicine
Bachelor of Arts
Business analytics
International studies
Health sciences
Nutrition and dietetics
Nursing and midwifery
Exercise and sport science
Creative arts and design
Marketing psychology and human resource management psychology
Property and real estate
Commerce and business
Sport management and sport development
Architecture and construction management
Information technology

Resources for JMC:

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Life at JMC:
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Resources for Monash


Current students can access additional career information at
(Students will need to register to use this site)

Additional Resources

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